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webpackages will help your web projects more secure and structured and you will save even more time.

With webpackages you no longer need to worry about load times or vulnerabilities in PHP do. Try it yourself and find out how easy theInstallation works of webpackages and how quickly you can build and implement a new Web project.

Safety first!

Without a proper security system keeps no PHP web project a community was correct. webpackages help you to make your PHP projects Fit for the upcoming visitors.


The world is at your disposal. Why then support only one language in the PHP project ?! Agent webpackages there is as many languages as possible to support and so to generate a greater range.


You want to expand your PHP project by modules or plugins? Get help from webpackages and build your own webpackages extensions to make even more unique to their web project.



Rules must be! Using theModel-View-Controller's system, you always have full control over your written code and can get it sorted and deposited Category Siert.

Database Drivers

Absence of a proper database in the background today runs no more PHP project. webpackages brings everything to make your web project more efficiently from your database out. webpackages support now more than10 different database drivers (PDO).


Save yourself the hassle of double writing of code and confusing PHP lines of code in HTML or JavaScript. By means of the template engine of webpackages, there is HTML / JavaScript code to structure better and to spearieren of PHP code.


Utilized versions


Hours of programming work


Lines of code

clean code

Clean & Professional

Professional implementation of the framework and targeted optimization with modern techniques.

The webpackages framework has been programmed with proven enhancements and the latest technologies. Experienced developers through so-called unit tests to ensure the compatibility and correct functioning of the framework. Legible code and documented functions and classes, even a beginner with the webpackages framework can work quickly and reliably.

Even faster

webpackages Installer

With the webpackages Installer you can easily install the webpackages framework to your Web server and configured. Find no preferences, no code snippets. Just upload, follow the steps and you can already start.